Hello world!

G’day everybody. I shall be using the name Senex from hereonin. I had hoped I could use it for the blog instead of senexx but the user name had all ready been taken.

I am not exactly sure what will go on this blog. I do know that there will be a lot of political commentary. It will be mostly from years past. The vast majority of it will be about domestic Australian politics and very probably rural politics.  Some of you may recognise some of the posts I make.

I follow a lot of political oriented blogs like Club Troppo, Thoughts on Freedom and Larvatus Prodeo.

The only sport I choose to follow with any real passion is Rugby League. I have been supporting the Balmain Tigers which became the Wests Tigers in 2000. I hope to keep you as up-to-date on their state of affairs as well.

The design of the site may change over time but only until I find something that I am comfortable with.

I shall endeavour to put up interesting and relevant posts for whatever audience this blog might find.

The Sequel to this Post


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