Sunday at Leichhardt.

Sunday at Leichhardt on the Tele.

A statistic of note is out of the last twelve games at Leichhardt, the Wests Tigers have won nine of them.

0.44 Aaron Payne replacement Watts splits Wests up the middle after the Cowboys attack down the Tigers left side and gets the ball away to Matt Bowen and its a try right under the black dot.  I wonder if I was the only one to see the ball get away as the cameraman didn’t.

2.30 Tigers 0-6 Cowboys

4.00 Marshall makes a break and then passes a shocker forward on the last tackle.  A set that probably should have been restarted

5.00 Penalty against Wests for hand on ball or player

6.25 And tigers absorb the pressure well with goal line defence

6.45 Tuiaki  winds up and scores a penalty for his trouble

8.25  Ty williams comes down with the ball almost uncontested after its been kicked into the sun and Cowboys make it 80 metres down the ground after putting it through the hands and Bryce Gibbs gives away one of his infamous stupid penalties 20m out from Wests try line.

9.30 Cowboys take the kick for goal and lead 8-0

11.55 Disgusted by Corey Payne’s loss of the football, looking to pass when he should have took the tackle.  Cowboys working it down quickly from a string of dummy halves runs and Thurston pasts it forward as the Tigers manage to hold them up right on the line.  5th tackle and Williams kicks it and Gallant covers it nicely

13.  Tuiaki winds up again.  And does well.  And Tigers complete a nice set for the first time of the game with only about their third or fourth touch of the ball.  Moltzen placed the kick after Marshall gave him the ball.

16. Marshall kicks the ball and it rolls dead.  Its a 20m restart but another successful set from the Tigers.

16.38 62% of the football to the Cowboys and their 9th use of the ball.

18.  A scrappy play from the Tigers but earns the penalty.

19.11  Marshall steps around 6 and passes the ball well and truly over the sideline

20.34  Knock on by cowboys

21.  Another leg pull that goes unnoticed

22. Tonga loses on the return from the kick. (cows)

24.  Marshall runs right around all of them from a scrum play and scores a try in the corner.
Replay shows Watts punches Farah twice in the head in the scrum and thats why he was down after the Scrum.  It is a send off offence.  Referee about to make the decision and watts only gets a warning.  Bias by the refs against the Tigers running at least 20 years straight.  Tigers convert.  Cowboys 8-6 Tigers.

24.47  Tigers get a penalty for nothing and Wests lose the ball on the first hit up due to solid defence by the man that shouldn’t even be on the field.  Now there’s a blue in the scrum.  Farah hit 3 on Watts.  And what’s the bet that Watts started it again.  Filthy dirty QLD style of play.  The replay doesn’t show it clearly but Watts has now been sent to the Sin Bin for 10 minutes as has Farah.  Again a Bias Referee but the Tigers win the penalty but with the current field position, it means absolutely nothing.  It is now the 28th minute.

28.44 And the kick rolls over the dead ball line.

31.  Moltzen stuff a pass on the last and the Cowboys get it on halfway and are all ready down to the 25

32.  Great goal line scrambling defence from the Tigers that save a sure Try.  Morris now makes a break gives Ayshford a shocking pass but back on halfway on the second tackle, Tuiaki passes to Marshall who steps around a couple and gives the ball to Lawrence who scores in the corner.  Correction, it was Tuiaki that ran around a couple.
Marhsall’s kick is successful.  Tigers lead 12-8

35.  Moltzen splits them but can’t get past Bowen.  Marshall kicks one into the corner but may have well kicked to Bowen.

36.  A forward pass is knocked on by Manukafoa thankfully.

38  Tigers nearly put one over 3 times and finally get it over with Tuiaki in the left corner, where Marshall scored a few minutes ago.  Marshall narrowly misses the kick.  Tigers 16-8

40.  Marshall puts a little kick through for himself but knocks on as he goes to pick it up.

41st minute:  Tigers still testing that left side.

42.  Thurston hit hard by Johnny Morris as he kicks the ball.  Now Ryan makes a solid run.  Farah kicks it straight to Bowen.

43.  Tuiaki winds up but doesn’t get far and then Ellis gets his legs taken from under him.  Ball nicely placed down field on the fourth tackle.

45.  Moltzen splits them down the right side but Ayshford knocks on.  A try goes begging.
48.  Gallant splits them straight down the middle off an inside ball from Marshall, runs around bowen and scores in that infamous left corner.  Marshall’s first kick from the sideline down the other end of the field.  He moves in confidently but hooks it well to the left.  Tigers 20-8.

52.  Tonga tries to get around Ryan but Ryan is more than a match for him.

55.  Wests caught offside but barely.  Cowboys Kaufusi hurt in the tackle but nothing I could see

56 Intercept by Tuiaki.  Tigers put it quickly through the hands only for Tuiaki to drop it after Marshall shook off three tacklers

57.  Gallant shadows the ball to touch-in-goal

58.  Skandalis legendary from Marker causes a knock on/forward pass.  Scrum on Wests 30.

60.  Skandalis accidentally interferes in the play of the ball.

61. Goal line defence being tested but its a forward pass from Turston. Bani.  Interesting to note Morris is playing Lock.

62.  Tuiaki winds up, gives the ball to Lawrence, last tackle, Marshall kicks but Bani takes it and returns it to 15m.

64.  Cowboys dance on the spot passing it to one another.

65.  A forward pass to Rapira, kicked to the corner and Gallant is forced to ground it in-goal.

66.  Ellis holding on too long in the tackle.  Penalty.  Quick Tap.

67.  They’ve struggled to contain Carl Webb all game and he forces his away over the line from two metres out.  Ref gave the try but it looks like Gallant got underneath and its almost fisticuffs between the biggest bloke and smallest block on the field.  Tigers still lead 20-14 but it looks like Wests are about to choke.

68.  They fell for a Thurston show and go.  Now Rapira makes a break.

69.  Grapple tackle on Skandalis and Penalty actually given and Marshall makes it down to the ten.  Dwyer looks good on debut, and then Corey Payne dives over from dummy half right next to the posts.  All inspired by Marshall’s 60m run.  Kick still to come but Farah’s shouting instructions in the in-goal.  Kick successful.  Tigers 26-14.
72.  Ellis loses its under pressure and Moltzen drags Bowen down and then Bowen comes over with an elbow and is penalised.  Bowen had two goes.  Looks like the Tigers are lining up to have a kick at goal. Penalty converted.  Tigers 28-14.

75.  Tuiaki goes hard, takes on Bowen and can’t quite run over the top of him.  Payten takes it and Cowboys declared offside.

76.  Tigers pass it wide, look like its going to be a disaster and then Farah runs the ball, kicks for himself and scores a few metres to the left of the upright.  Kick Successful.  Tigers 34-14.

80.  Tuiaki runs  down field and throws an intercept to the Cowboys.


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