Celebrating 500

At some point last month, A Senex View hit 500 views of the blog.

The most popular posts being

Nuclear Power;
What is a Liberal; and
The Great Recession

All good posts too if you ask me.

There are some that may ask “Why don’t I just use the ‘top blog posts’ widget to show my popular posts?” The answer is simply it would also show the top pages which I do not believe have any bearing on the top posts. Especially since one of them has a lot of hits for the download available there.

Sadly my prolific writing is set to slow over the upcoming months as I become increasingly busy. With my posts set to slow, I imagine it will be some time before I hit the 1000th view.

It has been a long road and involved a lot of typing to achieve  500 posts.  It is a milestone that certainly deserves some celebrating.  Thank you to everyone that has stopped by and had a read.  I hope you all come back time and time again.  Please do not be afraid to comment, even if you disagree with something I’m saying.  You never know your argument could be the one to change my mind.

Thank you for reading.


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