New NSW Premier Kristina Keneally

Now this new NSW Premier wasn’t chosen by election. Her rise to power is an insight to warring NSW Labor political factions and hypocrisy.

The former Premier Nathan Rees made the following statement before he was knocked from the top job:

…A malign and disloyal group well known to the NSW community has made the business of government almost impossible.

The presence of such a group within the nation’s oldest and proudest political party is intolerable.

Their treachery and disloyalty can be borne no longer.

…Should I not be Premier by the end of this day, let there be no doubt in the community’s mind, no doubt, that any challenger will be a puppet of Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi.

He also included a list of accomplishments during his time in the top job.

What follows are the words of Ms. Keneally before she became Premier:

NSW Planning Minister Kristina Keneally has rejected suggestions that Premier Nathan Rees will suffer retribution over the dumping of Joe Tripodi from the ministry.

Ms Keneally praised her friend Mr Tripodi on Monday as a “hard working, loyal minister” who had demonstrated his loyalty by resigning when he asked by Mr Rees on Sunday.

She said Mr Tripodi’s axing as finance and ports minister was unexpected, but she denied there would be any payback over the axing of the Right faction powerbroker.
“That’s a ridiculous claim,” Ms Keneally said when asked about possible retribution.
“There is no plan for that at all.”

Source: iPrime

“We have one Premier of New South Wales, his name is Nathan Rees and I want him to be the Premier that takes us to the March 2011 election.”

Source: PM

There is no plausible deniablity with this hypocrisy.

She was born in Las Vegas, and has all the trappings of the American accent, this will not bode well with the NSW Electorate.  She has all ready earned the pejorative nickname KKK in online social media due to her full name being Kristina Kerscher Keneally.

She keeps Carmel Tebbut as her Deputy Leader making it an all female leadership team.  The real measure of the woman will come when NSW Labor loses the 2011 election if she keeps the job as Opposition Leader.

It has been such a dour rise to the top for NSW’s first female Premier.


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