Bryan Palmer’s OzPolitics – HE LIVES!!

Somewhere along the way Australia’s best site about Australian Politics with terrific historical archives and great fun quizzes went offline.

It saddens me that it slipped by me unnoticed and it seems it slipped the larger blogosphere’s notice as well.

I confess I have some self interest in seeing it restored.

I hope Bryan is well wherever he may be.  I vaguely recall blogging absences for medical reasons.  I hope it is not as I fear and that the great man has passed away.  I do not know where Bryan Palmer was located but I have found a death notice, using the Ryerson Index for a Bryan Palmer aged 64 from Brisbane listed in the Courier Mail from April.

If this is he, I offer my empathy, sympathy and condolences to his family and friends and wish to let them know I grieve with them.

Some good soul is attempting to continue Bryan Palmer’s good works.

For that I thank you.

Update: Bryan is alive and well.  Currently working for the government/public service.  See comment below


4 responses to “Bryan Palmer’s OzPolitics – HE LIVES!!

  1. Oh no! I have been wondering why Bryan Palmer’s teriffic site was offline but I never considered that option. That’s awful.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Bryan Palmer

    Not dead – just retired from blogging (actually I was getting too busy at work).


  3. jasmine Anadyr

    We still miss ozpolitics – jas

  4. I would like to get in contact with Bryan Palmer regarding a copyright royalty that has been allocated to him by Copyright Agency for the secondary use of his material under the educational statutory licence.

    If someone could please forward my contact details to Bryan so that he may contact me, at his convenience, that would be most appreciate.

    Kind regards,

    Claudia Blaxell
    Membership Officer
    Copyright Agency
    Phone: 02 9394 7724

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