The Gillard Spill

Rather than give you my thoughts on the ousting of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, I thought I would give you a collection of links that encapsulate my view.

The Die is Cast

Gillard’s Communication Problem

The News Media Did it

Political Execution of Kevin Rudd

How the Coup Unfolded

Julia Keneally Factional Puppet

Arbib to Blame (Probably because he stuffed up his first interview, about Jobs, after Rudd gave him a Ministry)

Sheer Stupidity

Victors write the Erroneous History

Yes the News Media Unapologetically did it and accept zero responsibility for it.

It wasn’t the Polls – polling reality (short version, all trend measures favoured Rudd)

Polling Reality Part II

The Truth

Is Out There

The Faceless Men and Women Putsch

It is too late now but Gillard should have refused to challenge and allowed Rudd to go to an election –  it was a foolish move to do at this stage in the electoral cycle – and I believe Rudd would have quietly handed the reigns over late in his second term.  Now after Gillard PMship, Swan will have leader of the Labor Party and Swan will lose.

I am sure there is probably more I could say but that will do for now.


One response to “The Gillard Spill

  1. Even for those who have been around the political traps for a long time would find this a very brutal act. Granted, it was quick and relatively clean; so too is a guillotine.

    To be ahead in the polls and then be defeated by your own team ….

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