Faceless Men and Women

The Faceless Men that orchestrated the coup:

Senator Gary Feeney (Vic)

Senator Mark Arbib (NSW)

Bill Shorten (Maribyrnong)

Senator Don Farrell (SA)

Paul Howes (AWU Secretary)

Wayne Swan (Lilley)

Do what you can to ensure these people lose their seats/position/power please.

These are the men that condone bullying of nerds in the schoolyard and workplace.  This is precisely what ended Kevin Rudd’s Prime Ministership.

From the Crikey Bunker:

The NEW powerful, faceless men (and women)

  1. Amanda Lampe (Julia Gillard)
  2. John Whelan (Julia Gillard)
  3. Tom Bentley (Julia Gillard)
  4. Jim Chalmers (Wayne Swan)
  5. Tracey Winters (Mark Ferguson)
  6. Russell Mahoney (Julia Gillard)
  7. Chris Barrett (Wayne Swan)
  8. Angela Pratt (Nicola Roxon)
  9. David Garner (Simon Crean)
  10. Jo Brent (Jenny Macklin)

3 responses to “Faceless Men and Women

  1. It seems that I left Bill and Joe Ludwig out. They should be included amongst the initial faceless men.

  2. The faces of the new Labor faction “faceless ones” intruding into politics on behalf of lobby groups.

  3. Anastasia Martin

    Well now , here they are finally exposed. The backstabbing party! Don’t think they will ever get to do that again because they will definitely lose their seats at the next election because the people have already spoken, we want them gone

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