Bushwacked: Debunking Myths

Adapted from two of Bam’s posts on Ozforums.

The Coalition should embrace current reality of the Parliament, not work destructively. With minority governments, it is possible for oppositions to pass legislation in the House of Representatives. If the Coalition has bills that can win the support of the cross-bench members, those bills can be passed without the support of the Government. The next nine months is the best time because the old conservative-dominated Senate is still in place.

One myth that is doing the rounds is that Tony Windsor said he backed Labor because the Coalition would win if they go straight to the polls.  This is a lie.

“So obviously one of the other things we were looking at was stability and workability of the Parliament, the relationship between the Lower House and the Senate and longevity of that parliament, and it’s no secret that particularly during the first week quite a few people within the Coalition were saying, “Well, if we get a deal … as soon as the polls look good, we’ll be off to the election,” Tony Windsor told Lateline

Another myth that I keep reading and hearing is that the ALP are going to be forced to negotiate with the crossbenches to pass every piece of legislation. That is not true. It is only true for those pieces of legislation that the Coalition parties oppose. If the Coalition and ALP both support a bill, negotiation with the crossbenches is not required. Even with the Liberals under Abbott having a reputation for blocking bills left right and centre, the Liberals did not oppose every bill.

“There’s good stuff that can come from anywhere and that’s why the Liberals are silly to be running this sort of stuff,” Tony Windsor told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“They can do things with us and the executive won’t have the power to shut them down. The opposition can be part of the government, too”

What most people are missing is that Tony Windsor is truly Independent.  The proof is in the pudding as he backed a minority Coalition government in NSW State parliament and now is backing a minority Labor government in Federal parliament.  If people cannot accept that there truly is no hope.

Support the Independents, Democracy always needs and requires a Balance of Power.

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