Penny Drops for some Nationals

Member for New England, Tony Windsor, has congratulated Inverell based Senator John Williams for being the first Coalition MP to recognise the significance of the current hung Parliament for country Australians.

Senator Williams has declared that the Coalition should work with the Independents in what he describes as an “open Parliament” where all MPs will have a much greater chance of being heard.

Mr Windsor said “Senator Williams was recognising the the executive of Government did not have absolute control of the House of Representatives, the Representatives did.

This is partly due to neither side having control of theHouse but also due to the changes to Parliamentary procedures that the Independents have achieved in partnership with the Liberal or Labor Parties.

Most of those reforms have always been the wish of the opposition of the day.

When they get into government they never do it, but when they’re not in government they complain about the other side (the government) not doing it.

It was a unique opportunity to broker an arrangement between the two of them – the opposition and the government were both very much involved in the arrangement – so there will be quite significant changes.

What it actually does regardless of who the government is and who the Independents are, it empowers every member of Parliament.

Rather than the opposition, in this case, just arguing against the government position, the opposition could introduce positive legislation and get it passed by arguing logically and getting support from the Independents.  In this Parliament, the executive isn’t in control and that’s a good thing, not a bad thing.

“This Parliament will be different, an exciting time for country people”.

“It is pleasing to see Senator William’s thoughts are about making the most of this Parliament are positive rather than destructive”.

“I’m more than happy to work with him on any idea he may have in terms of private legislation in the House of Representatives,” Mr Windsor concluded.

Support the Independents, Democracy always needs and requires a Balance of Power.

You can’t stop the signal!


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