Where is Senexx?

Senexx is off maintaining two blogs including this one.  And for some bizarre reason Senexx is talking about himself in the third person.  He blames the title of this post, maybe he should have filled that in last eh?

Senexx has shut down this blog http://ozbrowncoats.wordpress.com – a blog about the Independents and moved all the posts here. Still working on moving some links.

Senexx’s secondary blog is NOW this one – https://senexx.wordpress.com/

Senexx’s primary blog is about economics with the only economic school of thought that seems to make sense and doesn’t have to make up models to fit the gaps other economic schools of thought leave – that’s at http://modernmoney.wordpress.com/

I’m not sure what will happen to this blog (senexx.wordpress.com) in the meantime.  It will either stick to more generic politics (non-Independents) or diversify into other areas.  And would you look at that <—- First Person is Back!!

Updated this post 14/11/12


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