Diversifying & Smart Phones

Hi guys,

I’m not really back to full time on this blog, I’m loving it over at Modern Money Mechanics too much. However, I have been thinking about diversifying out of the domestic political arena on this blog.

I have no idea what I would really blog on but I’m imagining things similar to Lifehacker or responses to Lifehacker posts.

One of the things on my mind right now and has been for some months is that I need a new phone. I don’t have a Smart Phone yet and my current phone doesn’t even run on dual band/Next G. It is outdated and outmoded and runs on GPRS – so reception is absolutely lousy.

I can type and it peeves me that you cannot get a full sized keyboard to plug into a phone. I hate texting/SMSing with a passion, it takes way too long and I end up using my pointer finger and predictive text anyway. And that still takes too long!

I was looking at the Milestone II for the longest time because it has a keyboard but I’ve recently realised I’m still going to have that say pointer finger problem – so it is going to end up like texting anyway.

So the thought now is a large phone with a large-ish screen so I can read all the social media things on it like facebook, twitter, and follow the links I get off them to the net.

The one thing I’ve all ready ruled out is any Apple product, unless they’re a tax deduction for work they’re for the affluent and status seekers. So I’ve ruled in an Android phone.

This is where it gets tricky though, which one? I would like to keep at the very least the pre-paid plan I’m currently on. I think its terrific. So do I buy another pre-paid phone or do I buy an unlocked phone outright?

What about battery life? I hear it is shocking on most smart phones and you either have to recharge half way through the day or at the end of every day. Whilst the latter isn’t too bad and I could probably live with it, my current phone lasts at least two days.

I read reviews about smartphones and their touch capacity but so many of them seem to have problems.  Or they have horrible skins based on the brand of the phone that are a pain in the rear to get rid off.

And of course the other big consideration for the phone is the cost of the apps needed to use it.  I’m thinking twitter, facebook, email (probably multiple accounts) & when I say twitter I mean tweetdeck.  Then there’s all the brilliant apps that I know I’ve heard of but can’t quite recollect right now that I will want to try out.  And a sticking point is I’m in a non-coastal rural area, what will reception really be like?

I’m looking for advice and ideas on this smart phone?  After all the Twitter Hive Mind doesn’t work for me (therefore it doesn’t work for everybody) so I thought I would try blogging about it.  Or perhaps it is really blegging?

Nonetheless what’s your advice for me on a new phone, a Smart Phone?


One response to “Diversifying & Smart Phones

  1. .I have looked into many devices over the last couple of weeks. Travelled thru Greece and Hawaii looking in all electronic stores. The best I have come up with so far is the new HTC phone or tablet ( android honeycomb platform) yet it still is not ready so wait, Or you could try a blackberry looking device from HTC called the cha cha, that may fill your needs for twitter, face book. But if your fingers are like mine you may not like that either. I personally like the HTC wildfire and may buy that soon. Why do i talk HTC well I still run Microsoft desk top and I find it works well when sync.
    I also have the I pad but will quickly change that in the next 12 months once HTC upgrade their tablet to display all web content on the screen without sliding to read it.

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