Jobs Matter, People Matter.

This is extremely rough working but all the sources are ABS, RBA, etc, same as The Great Bic New Economic and Market Quiz

What was the unemployment average under the coaliton and labor respectively?

5.2 Gillard
5.1 Rudd
6.4 Howard
9.9 Keating
8.1 Hawke

and the stat changes that came in for 78 mean I can’t complete Fraser who up to 78 comes in at

6.4 Fraser

All previous UE rates were 4-5% or less for the next year as measured quarterly – using 6.4 and the remainder as a rough guide it comes out as

6.0 Fraser
2.4 Whitlam

So relatively speaking we have the best unemployment rate since Whitlam.

I did have a brief discussion on twitter over this matter, where my opponent said I should be looking at the trend in the employment figure for these Prime Ministers, which I took to mean trend up or down but we need to look at how these Prime Ministers perform in both boom and bust times which is why the long run average (which I’ve provided) is much more important.


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