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I am an aspirational Australian based in regional and rural Australia with limited labour mobility with stigmas imposed by status quo conservare apparatchiks constantly and consistently uttered over the duration of one’s existence.

I believe myself to be a more of a pragmatist than a progressive or conservative.  I do not easily associate myself with labels and I alternate between admiration and contempt for those that have faith in such labels.

I do not deal in capital C Conservatism, Big L Liberalism – as in the Liberal Party of Australia or wets, dries, uglies,  Labor left, Labor Right willingly.

I will deal in the underlying political philosophies such as Classical Liberalism, Modern or Social Liberalism, Social Democrat, Libertarianism, etc.

If you really want to assess me via political party, I took the OzPolitics test recently, just for you.

There is a little more about me in my original post, Hello World!

If you want my opinion on what has caused the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), it is simple, it was excessive deregulation.

If you feel it necessary, you can contact me via senexprudens[at]gmail[dot]com

Below are maxims that I find some comfort in:

“I think cautious maximisation of equality of opportunity is just about the most important freedom principle there is, because without it you don’t get to take advantage of any of the other freedoms…” – Ken Parish

“When leaders fail to set and follow ethical standards, public trust is damaged, community expectations diminish and social divisions expand.” – Tony Fitzgerald, QC

Regional and Rural folk insist they subsidise the cities by providing cheap and high-quality food and wealth from mining. But city people resent paying the same price for services like broadband and other infrastructure that gets more expensive to provide the more sparse the population gets. Delivering the same outcomes in regional areas requires a bigger per capita spend than in the city. So who cross-subsidises who? – Jessica Irvine, Nick O’Malley and David Humphries